Automate Smartly with

DevOps Solutions & Services

  • DevOps Consulting
  • Custom designs for desired scale
  • Microservices Setup – Self-Managed
  • Kubernetes Cluster, ECS, EKS, AKS with CICD
  • DevOps Operations & Support
    Automations – IaC

Cluster Autoscaler

  • Manage sporadic demands with Kubernetes – scale-out and scale-in
  • Automatically scale node groups in an autoscaling group.
  • The self-managed container clusters for Kubernetes and OpenShift.
  • A transparent process that instantaneously responds to performance demand on a cloud.

AWS Well Architeched Framework

It’s too difficult to get everything right in the cloud – isn’t it?
With the difficulties in –

  • Protecting data & meeting compliance levels for the specific industry!
  • Striking balance between scaling, performance, and cost!
  • Systematically controlling every change in cloud infra!
  •  Monitoring, proactive and reactive recovery from failures!
  •  Defining, standardizing, and automating stuff for being agile!

    Difficulties look horrendous – isn’t it ? ? ?…. Well, it’s not that difficult with #AWS Well-Architected Framework!

Azure DevOps

Plan smarter, collaborate better, and ship faster with Azure DevOps Services…

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  • Event-Driven Autoscaler with Kubernetes.
  • Integrate rich events of your choice from any of the external event resources in Kubernetes services.
  • Scale Kubernetes containers, leveraging CPU Metrics, Memory, and Horizontal Pods Autoscaler.


  • Powerful and flexible tool for deploying applications and services.
  • Automate the creation of cloud resources.
  • Easily define, create, and, manage multiple AWS resources in one place.
  • Cross account & cross-region management.
  • Declarative language for defining and updating cloud resources.

External ETCD Kubernetes Cluster

  • Simple, fast, and secured key-value store for Production grade Kubernetes Cluster
  • ETCD stores critical data and maintains a copy of data stored across servers.
  • Support for discovery service for deployed applications

Terraform – Infrastructure As Code

  • Create a detailed execution plan before it gets pushed to the environment.
  • Know the effectiveness of the plan and tentative Infra Costs in advance.
  • Capture IT Infrastructure at a minute level, version control, and maintain state across well know backends.
  • Modify, reuse and re-deploy with ease.

Spark on Kubernetes

  • Easy-to-use & Cost-effective Spark on Kubernetes
  • Not to worry much about the technicality of Hadoop, YARN, or third-party proprietary vendor solution
  • Spark-app level dynamic allocation and cluster level autoscaling
  • No overheads – YARN, or any bootstrap scripts

Ingress Controller

  • Flexible, Powerful, and Easy-to-use Ingress controller.
  • Generate sophisticated configurations using annotations and custom templates.
  • Rich and Safe Kubernetes Ingress Resources.
  • Native Integration with cloud services.
  • Kubernetes Ingress provides maximum compatibility across various Ingress Controllers.

Hashicorp Vault and Consul

  • HA-Vault Cluster – A typical deployment within a DC.
  • Manage Secrets and protect sensitive data such as Tokens, Passwords, Certificates, and Encryption keys.
  • Allow Trusted Identities to automate access to secrets, data, and systems.
  • Options to leverage Trusted Identity Platforms to Secure, Store, and Access Credentials and Resources.


SMART DEVOPS LLC has started its operations in 2022.
SMART DEVOPS LLC is a cloud solutions & services provider, on a mission to 

Core Purpose

“Transform & Simplify human lifestyle by leveraging nextgen automation in Technology”

Core Values

“Our Core values C I N T S help us remain focused on Core Purpose”


We believe in Customer Success is our Success


We are committed to cater to technological hunger in us, by continuously upgrading & innovating.


We are committed to be agile and flexible to deliver the best.


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We earnestly commit to go extra mile in what we do.


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